Wanted: Authors with unpublished works!

Did You Know? --   Approximately 83% of Americans would like to write a novel. That's the news
I heard last month when I sat in on the
Red Hot Internet Publicity Workshop during the Las Vegas
Writer's Conference. That being said, I am well aware that there are thousands upon thousands of
frustrated UNpublished writers out there.

Sure, there are a lot of whack jobs out there who wouldn't know a complete sentence from a subjective
verb. However, I'm positive that many people are extremely talented scribes who just need to get
noticed. Their manuscripts need to be thrown onto the right editor's desk at the right time.

So I suggest there is power in numbers. Join me in my quest to band together the talented but
UNpublished writers of the world.
E-mail me if you are interested in having your Web Site, Blog or
writing-related projects featured on this site.

What have we got to lose?

Agents, publishers and editors are welcome to visit the
Author Showcase page to view these aspiring

"In Her Dreams" Still Available For Your Reading Pleasure

What a year..."In Her Dreams" has been out for a little more than a year. It is still available on
BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com. I invite you to join in the journey.

A little sex, a little crime and a lot of adventure awaits the reader who picks up "In Her Dreams," a
full-length, adult fiction novel complete and ready to devour. To read a summary,
click here!!  Initially
published by Outskirts Press via a private grant, I would, naturally, love to have it picked up by a
traditional publisher. Contact me if you're interested in representing this exciting, adventurous,
passionate read.

With In Her Dreams available to readers, my next book is on its way. Get ready for "
Camp Everywhere"
a teen adventure (no sex or bad language, thank you!) at a miraculous 40-day summer camp.
Author Charlene Engeron
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