About Charlene
Charlene Engeron is a former print journalist. She
worked in newspapers for nine years before moving
into the Public Relations and Marketing field. Early in
her career as a newspaper reporter and photographer,
she earned a first place award for a front page feature
In addition to hundreds of hard news and feature articles, Charlene’s
writing credits include short fiction seen in publications that range from
the horror ‘zine Outer Darkness, to non fiction articles in craft magazines
such as The Rubber Stamper. A personal essay on the tribulations and
triumphs over infertility was recently published in "The Blessings of
Barrenesss" by Christi Kari, which you can get more information by
clicking here!
Charlene received her B.A. in Mass Communication and Public Relations
from California State University, San Bernardino. She teaches writing
classes and mentors new writers to banish the self doubt that dampers
She was also a contributing author in "A Century of Healthcare" the
100-year Centennial History Book of Redlands Community Hospital that
was released in 2006 in both hard-cover and soft-cover editions.
Charlene's first novel, "In Her Dreams" was released in March 2007.
This full-length project started many years ago and languished in an
"electronic drawer" until 2005 when her creative muse refused to be
denied. "In Her Dreams" can be purchased from
Outskirts Press.
photo from the California Newspaper Publishers’ Association. She
followed that up a few years later with a second place team award for
spot news reporting.