Summary for "In Her Dreams"

In Her Dreams

“Your dreams hold the key to many lives.”

Kayla McCallister can’t get these words out of her head, nor can she forget the fortuneteller’s
piercing amethyst eyes that drilled through her as the mysterious woman spoke.

They are the words that have haunted Kayla ever since she left her ritzy job, nice home and
failed marriage behind in California and arrived in Parker, a Colorado River town in Arizona
that people pass through, not travel to. Her arrival in Arizona, a place known as an apex of
spiritual energy, awakens Kayla's latent ability to have violent premonitions she doesn't want
and can't handle until she discovers she must face them, or go crazy trying to avoid them.

While dealing with her abilities, Kayla travels from Arizona to California and back again. She
learns the value of friendship as she helps her co-worker wrestle with an unplanned
pregnancy, renews her faith in love when she finds herself hot and heavy with local detective
Jacob Ortiz and reveals the identity of an attempted murderer who could change the lives of
everyone in Kayla’s world if she doesn’t trust her instincts. Although Kayla has never been a
puritan, her journey to becoming a prophet takes her outside of her spiritual comfort zone,
exposing her to new ideas and experiences such as an Indian sweat lodge ritual and holistic

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The author, Charlene Engeron, has worked as a print news journalist for nearly a decade and
has published short stories and articles in publications such as Sepulcher and several crafting
magazines. She is currently working on a young adult adventure series and a non-fiction book
that illustrates the similarities between work life and a good (or bad) cup of coffee.