Short Stories
Charlene has always been a vivid dreamer. She's one of those people who can actually
remember her dreams long after she throws back the covers and hits the floor running in the
morning. (Okay...that should really read "long after she slides out from under the covers and
stumbles across the bedroom to get ready for the day.") Many of her short stories are the
result of putting fingers to keyboard after some of these dreams (or nightmares).
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Short Stories by Charlene Engeron
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These stories are available for
individual magazines or for
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anthology for another damn
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Read at Your Own Risk

My stories range from sweet to
scary and from weird to
wonderful. Please read at your
own risk. Some are PG-13 or R.

A Simple Virus – A computer virus is bad enough when it attacks your hard drive.
Find out what happens when a big bad bug goes beyond the keyboard.

Dinner for One – Meals at this diner gives more meaning to the term “comfort
food” for an old lady.

Literal Revenge – Entries into a mysterious journal prove that the pen can be
more vengeful than the sword. This short story was published in Sepulcher and Outer
Darkness magazines.

Road Trip – A trip across the California desert leaves three college students shaken
and wondering if they will ever believe their eyes again.

The Reading of the Will – Jealousy and greed get their just rewards as the will
of Pierson Witherow is read. This is a short story version of what has the potential to
become a novella or short novel.

The Reunion – Will the love of Caroline’s young life turn her away? Journey with her
to meet him after years of separation.

The Swing – This short, short story must be read to the very end or you will never
think about a baby swing the same way again.

Ward’s Back – Being a teenager can feel awkward, uncomfortable and backward.
One teenager learns to take a different view at life after a run-in with the school bully.