Author Showcase
Thousands and thousands of writers have written books...
...that no one has ever read.

They may be wonderful books, but chances are, their manuscript just hasn't
hit the right editor's desk at the right time. Or, maybe, their 300 pages of
prose was fantastic but their query letter fell flat
and ended up as a #queryfail
entry on
Twitter. No matter what the reason, I welcome authors with an
unpublished work they would like to feature to
contact me for an opportunity
for exposure on this page!

Agents, editors, publishers and visitors are invited to click on the images or
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Publish My Damn Book Author Showcase*
Francine Sevill -- You Can't Explain Death to a Pigeon
A cot death, a handicapped child, schizophrenia and suicide. If I
had been asked to choose just one of these when my life began,
that would have been so hard to do, but to have to endure all of
them and more would be a nightmare. Welcome to my nightmare,
to the book I have written to try and give hope to the many people
who have suffered similar traumatic events.
Charlene Engeron -- In Her Dreams
When Kayla McCallister leaves her life behind in California, she
doesn't expect to end up in Parker, Arizona; a Colorado River
town that people pass through, not travel to. Her arrival there
awakens Kayla's latent ability to have premonitions she doesn't
want and can't handle - until she discovers she must embrace
them or face grave danger. In Her Dreams is seeking a
traditional publishing house.
*Please Note: A listing on this site does not indicate an endorsement
by author Charlene
Engeron or www.publishmydamnbook.com
Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis -- The Addiction Monster
(Children/Educational fiction)
Pumpkin the Square Cat tells children ages 10 and older about
the dangers of addiction. The story, a fictionalized account of
McGinnis's own son's 14-year struggle with addiction, is told
with humor and pathos to cleverly disguise an educational tool.
This is McGinnis's third book.
Lawrence A. Haskins -- The Whisper of Serpents
FBI Special Agent Michael di Rossi has one purpose: to bring
international crime lord William Chiang to justice. In his pursuit, he
nvestigates tycoon Conrad Arthur Dupree and his corporation's alleged
ties to the Chiang Organization. Enter Lieutenant Kathryn O'Rourke,
whose own bloody past with Chiang has left her but a shell of her
former self.
O'Rourke is loathe to discover that the wily and sadistic Mr.
Chiang is back to wreak havoc in her life after nearly a decade of
haunting silence. At the eye of the storm is shy and intellectually gifted
Bobby Dupree
, the misfit son of Conrad and Evelyn Dupree, who must
refuge in the wake of the grisly murder that takes place in his home
draws the attention of the masses and rocks a nation to its core.